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1912 to 1952 - Living

Ted Rowe kew cottaegs 1920.jpg

Living in the cottages in the 1920s

Meals were served in the dining hall, that was set up with long tables and chairs.

"The food wasn't bad, could have had better, they don't give you much."

Ted Rowe,
Resident, memory from living in the cottages in the 1920s.


‘A Hillside of Sadness’

A Hillside of Sadness The Herald longer.jpg

Ones of the saddest spots in Melbourne today is a wide sloping hillside near the Yarra at Kew, where between 400 and 500 of Melbourne's mentally defective children occupy the ageing buildings of the Mental Hospital.

‘A Hillside of Sadness’
Rohan Rivett, The Herald, 28 September 1948, page 5.
Image courtesy of The Herald & Weekly Times Ltd; article used with permission of Mrs Nan Rivett.

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